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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


4. On The Way To Finding The Man Who Fell Over.

Ball Digger drove at a leisurely pace. Whenever he got a chance to get out the office he would embrace it, sucking in Rotherhithe’s modern housing and commercial facilities with a nostalgia which others where yet to feel. It was projected nostalgia. Looking out at the Brunel Engine House a tear would almost fall from his eye. Though not today, not with Hyde in the passenger seat. Today Ball Digger controlled his love for his surroundings as to not show weakness. He was distracted enough however, not to notice that Hyde, not being a character to take a back seat, had his arm reached over and one hand on the steering wheel too. It didn’t really bother Ball Digger he would rather Hyde just felt comfortable.
“You know the name Rotherhithe derives from Anglo- Saxon times. Rother was for sailor and Hithe meant Haven… A sailors Haven” Ball Digger sighed with the finish of his sentence as they drove past a soon to open TK Max. “Yeah” Hyde did not sound very impressed. “Well I come from New York City, my friend, New stands for Fucking and York stands for Cool and City…that just stand for city…Fucking Cool City”
“You miss your home don’t you?” Ball Digger said as their hands almost embarrassingly touched on the wheel.
“Fuck you Ball Digger, I’m Hyde, Hyde doesn’t miss anything …not even TV shows he doesn’t want to watch, you get me?”
“That’s a different kind of missing”.
Hyde let go of the wheel. “You know if you drive any slower chances are the man who fell over who we are going to see will have probably stood up”
Suddenly Ball Digger stopped the car. “What tha fuck you playing at Ball Digger?”
“Look, there” As he spoke Ball Digger exited the car and ran across the road, picked up a discarded item and ran back towards the car, taking a moment to suck in some of the residential districts fresh air, and looking carefully to his left and right before crossing.
“Look at this, it’s a pair of trousers, why would there be a pair of trousers in the middle of the road? He screamed to Hyde as he came hurtling towards him.
“What’s the waist on those?” Asked Hyde like he had seen this before.

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