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Monday, 14 January 2013


Hello  all

Sometime around the year 2000 when I was a neurosis driven Art student at central Saint Martins (not much has changed other than I’m not a student anymore) I began making a video called “Everybody keeps telling me everything is going to be ok”. It comprised of short 5 second clips of people telling me “Everything’s going to be ok”. I think I’d compiled about ten minutes worth on a VHS tape I can no longer find.
I’ve decided that was a real shame, I wish I’d kept doing it, and I wish I could find that tape. However I’ve decided I’d like to remake it, with everybody in the world, or at least as many as possible. If I could make a 24 hour video of reassurance that would be just great. It’s probably a bit of a weird thing to ask for, but I think I’m coming to terms with being a bit weird. I think it may make for an interesting video, and in the right room a place people can go and be given some sort of  false reassurance. Which ultimately is what it is. You take what you want from what is offered I guess. 
So what I would like is …
In any way you would want to do it, a short clip saying “everything’s going to be ok” spoken to camera and sent to it can be from any device, phone laptop camera, I don’t care.
Also if you could pass this on so it reaches as many people as possible…
I’m aware this approach will ultimately bring about people who own apple products so I will go hassling people in person also…
If anybody takes this seriously, thank you. It would be very nice to finish this work, and find a space to stick it in. I look forward to what may come.