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Friday, 15 July 2011

Another Life Lesson Learnt Too late

The other day I was receiving important instructions before I began an important job doing the night shift serving Jaeger bombs to thirsty people. While receiving these instructions the instructor stopped and said "why do you smell funny?" This worried me, it's difficult to answer. I said "What can you smell?" She said "fish". Now I've recently become a single and broken embittered man and my brain isn't working as well as it should, regardless it was instantly clear to me that smelling like fish was not a proven good first impression. I had arrived at my work which was very important having eaten a piece of Haddock but in this moment it felt it would be terrible to admit that. Instead I chose to look confused, and plead total confusion as to why I should have this stench attached to me. She replied ambivalently with "Oh I thought maybe you had come from a barbecue". It suddenly dawned on me it would be Ok to admit to having eaten. It would definitely beat being the guy who smells fishy for no reason. I thought about this all the way through my important job satisfying the people, I didn't let it distract me as I am very good at my important job. But I learnt a lesson that honesty is the best policy on some occasions.

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