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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


1) Let them know you are a bit frayed on the outside, but if they get to know you there is some compassion, but if they get to know you better, it's all darkness

2) For the plain talking no nonsense kinda guy, but at 7p why not buy three, cos who doesn't like getting three of the same thing?

3) One for those who need a little nudge, again Asda highlight your own smarts buy simulating a price sticker on the print highlighting you are careful with money.

4) It's well known that illiciting sympathy paves the golden road to sex

5) Watch their face light up as they open this and realise you are a psycho. Obviously make sure you are watching from a tree at least ten meters away.

6)For those who like word games and beating around the bush

7) Never presume anyone is as weird as you, and if you do happen to shit yourself while writing a card don't let them know. You can get away with it, unless you are writing the card in front of them.

9) In current times, this actually says a lot
10) There's no coming back from making this kind of mistake

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