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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


1.    The Girl of your dreams is another persons unavoidable reality
2.    Never smell the floor
3.    If you’re not going to paint it you may as well eat the fruit in the bowl
4.    A good way to look healthy without doing anything is to go and stand next to the lettuce in the supermarket
5.    People who tell you what to do, don’t know what they are doing
6.    One day historians will be confused by the idea of texting
7.    Did anybody stick up or care for the birds who lost their jobs as carrier pigeons?
8.    As time passes the words Human and Nature sound really weird next to each other
9.    Freedom of choice is more often debilitating
10.Unicyclists should have their own lane
11.Laughing hard is good exercise
12.Eating alone is an empty experience
13.Sitting on the top deck of a bus and looking out the window to be greeted by people sitting on the top deck of another bus is a weirdly vulnerable situation.
14.Aubergines are purple, that’s pretty cool
15.Time travelling is just meddling
16.The toilet paper business is a good one to push your children into, whatever happens that is one business that will always be in demand
17.Energy drinks are an excuse for people to be lazy for longer
18.Every dustbin tells a story
19.Apple really take the biscuit, they dominate the technological world and still have the cheek to take a bite out of every bodies logos
20.Some of this is probably good material someone will steal
21.Midnight Snack is the most important meal of the day

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