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Saturday, 14 July 2012


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Ok let's face it we're all screwed, with technologies vastly improving and industry fading we are fast becoming left with millions of sit at home Film Directors, Producers, Singer Songwriters and entrepreneurs. Everybody sits at home trying to promote and sell their crap to other people who are feigning interest as they try and sell you their crap. There are two ways this can work...(A)If I buy your crap you buy my crap in response...This is a risky gamble as you can't force or be sure that the other party understands the terms of the agreement.(B) We just look at it on the internet and hope it goes away...You know when you fancy a girl and you hope she only has eyes for you, and then some meathead just walks in and sticks his tongue down her mouth, that's what the internet is like....You make your little book and think you have done something special and unique then you do a google search and find it's one of a million, and some of the other books have a six pack(in comics glossary this means colour).

We can't give in though it's inhererent in our nature to create and communicate, so I decided to get round this by approaching an untapped market, a breed of creature yet to be jaded with the abundance of pop culture being produced by the second. It is not proving easy here are the problems I found...

(photos by Jon Baker)

1) Chickens can't read
2) Chickens don't seem to be interested in autobiographical soul bearing
3) Chickens haven't got bookshelves to place their purchase on( take note Ikea)
4) Chickens don't really know what they want
5) Chickens don't really relate to the same issues
6) Chickens openly poo on the floor

Selling stuff ain't easy
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