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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bad moves


“So you come here often?”
Nothing she just sat there in the circle facing out. Her focus seemed to be firmly set on the man opposite. Yeah ok so we weren’t exactly dating, but on the basis of proximity I was definitely closer to doing so and her staring was beginning to feel like borderline cheating. I tried to give the man opposite evils but he seemed to be crying into his lap.
“This blows, let me buy you a drink”
“Come on one drink won’t hurt”
“It’s only a drink, I’m not asking you to marry me”
“What if I asked you to marry me?”
“We’re not getting anywhere here, were not even going round in circles we’re sitting in a circle, it’s almost completely pointless”
“Ok one drink”
She got up swiftly, as I stood up slightly suprised with the success of my reasoning the weeping man also stood up.
“Hello My name is Dave and I have not had a drink now for nine days”
“Hang on” I whispered “I thought this was a singles club”
“it doubles for that” she said as she put on her sombrero “let’s go”
Reluctantly I picked up my sombrero
“Ok, but whatever happens we’re not getting married” I whispered.

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